the historic paramount theater.

I went downtown last week to see my cousin dance with Hubbard Street at the Paramount Theater. I have just a few things to say – where to start?

Well, I’ll start here – the Paramount is a beautiful theater, with a huge lit sign, gold gilding, and old-style architecture. We also missed Soundgarden by one night! It was a nice place to a a performance.

The show was comprised of two pieces, both choreographed by Israeli artists. So out front of the theater we had to walk through a prostest of Palestinians, carrying signs like “DON’T DANCE ON THE BODIES OF DEAD PALESTINIAN BABIES.”

I mean, come on!

The pieces were in no way politically charged – they were just some artsy dance pieces to music. No agenda, no politics. I know that I might crucified for thinking this up here in the PNW – but “get over it.” Seriously. The protestors were annoyingly aggressive and really had no place there, politicizing something that is not political in any way.

Oh my, Seattle – chill out dudes.


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