vegan and gluten-free.

I went to Fremont the other day and found this little gem.

flying apron

The inside was cute and nice and they had an open kitchen, which I love. If this place were in St. Louis, it would definitely be accused of being “a hipster hole in the wall” – but in Seattle it seems to be doing just fine and fitting right in.

I got a few gluten-free vegan things:


it was chewy, but had that awful vegan chemical aftertaste I so despise.


it was good, but crumbly



freakin delicious


the best of all of them, with great flavor and texture

Here are a few pics of the interior. 




out of my mind.

Most of my life is filled with cooking, recipes, food, food writing, food reading, food politics, menu planning, thinking about food and cooking – but everyonceinawhile you get a little hiatus from your world and remember you are actually a fully dimensional person with a dynamic brain and multi-faceted interests.

A few nights ago the mixologist and I took in a lovely double feature:

We saw “John Dies at the End” at the Varsity Theater.   It is an entertaining piece of weird that I absolutely loved. Kinda gets you out of your head a little bit. And the Theater was on the third floor and super small, I love a small theater.

Then we went down the street to The Grand Illusion Theater – oh my, I thought the Varsity was small. This was a tiny room, I mean tiny with a tiny screen. I would think it was the definition of an art house theater. We, along about 25 old rock dudes and young art types, watched a wonderful documentary about Ginger Baker.  I love when documentaries seem to take the filmmaker by surprise, like they went in to make something and came out with a completely different story. This film quickly follows the arc of Ginger’s fast and furious career with Cream in about the first 15 minutes – leaving the rest of the time to follow his various stumbling blocks around relationships and other musical projects. It really was a fascinating story. And I liked how the end didn’t make me all sad for the old guy.

just a piece.

So I applied to work here:



oh so close…I didn’t get it because I have to go out of town too much – I totally understand the plight of the small business owner. We shall see what the future holds…maybe they will call me back at busy season.

Well, on my stakeout of the place (which I did before I went in for the interview) I dropped in and bought a few tiny Berry Pies. Like this:



Holy flipping glob!!! Each one is about two bites – and two of the best bites of pie I have ever had in my life. I mean, I expected them to be ok….But they were phenomenal. Much respect to these pie makers.