Knife For Hire Picnic Foods

Market Menu for Wednesday August 28th, 2013

Green Bean & Sun Gold Tomato Salad

chinese spinach, toasted almonds, preserved tomato vinaigrette

Truffle Potato Salad

leeks, marinated shallots, thyme, greek yogurt

Ratatouille Cous Cous

eggplant puree, roasted summer squash, sweet peppers, confit tomatoes

Watermelon Feta Salad

mint, red onions, melon vinaigrette

Deviled Duck Eggs

Spicy Charred Tomato Salsa

charred tomatoes, floral gem peppers, sweet corn, pinto beans

Vanilla Rose Pudding

blackberry coulis, strawberry chips, mint, almonds

See you at the market tomorrow.





Knife For Hire Picnic Foods

Market Menu for Wednesday August 21st, 2013

Beet & Pear Salad

red pears (ACMA Mission Orchards), mixed beets (Nash Farm) roasted with tumeric, nasturtium flowers (Alm Hill)

Truffle Potato Salad

La Soda potatoes (Olsen Farms), summer leeks (One Leaf), greek yogurt (Samish Bay), tarragon

Sweet Peach Lebneh

house-made vanilla bean lebneh, red fire peaches (ACMA Mission Orchards) poached with cardamom and lavender, almonds, mint

Black Bean Tomatillo Salsa

corn, padron and poblano peppers, tomatillos, cilantro (all from Alvarez Organic Farms)

Cranberry Beans & Okra w/ Quinoa Cornbread

cranberry beans (Alm Hill), okra (Alvarez Organic Farms), poblano peppers, pickled sun gold tomatoes (One Leaf), fresh corn

Summer Squash & Eggplant Quinoa Salad

patty pan squash and eggplant (Alvarez Organic Farms), sun gold tomatoes, sumac, marjoram, tomato syrup, rainbow quinoa

Very Local PB&J

raspberry Jam (berries from Alm Hill), peanut butter (peanuts from Alvarez Organic Farms)

Come visit tomorrow.

Buy one of everything.



get ready for market day!

Liz and I whipped up some fun stuff for Wednesday.


Turmeric and Mustard Seed Roasted Potatoes and Cauliflower

Olsen’s Red Lasoda potatoes roasted with Nash’s beautiful fresh cauliflower


Very Local Peanut Butter & Jelly

Alvarez Peanuts crushed into peanut butter, Alm Hill and Gaia’s Raspberries cooked into jam


Tahini Slaw

Fresh made tahini, tossed with Nash’s green and purple cabbage with Gaia’s carrots – beats mayonnaise slaw any day!


SImple Roasted Vegetables

Boistfoot green squash and rainbow carrots, Gaia’s beets and red onion, Alvarez patty pan squash roasted to perfection


Carrot Caraway Rye Salad

Rye berries tossed with caraway pickled carrots, roasted rainbow carrots from Gaia’s, fennel and cucumber


Liz’s Amazing Kitchen Sink Salsa

Alvarez tomatillos, tomatoes, corn, poblanos, jalapenos, and Mayacoba beans served with tortilla chips


Miso Roasted Apricots

pink and purple radish, snap peas, and nori vinaigrette


Peach Caprese

Samish Bay fresh mozzarella, layered with ripe peaches, cucumbers, and opal basil


Summer Succotash

the jewels of summer – ripe tomatoes, yellow corn, and snap peas tossed with pickled green beans


Come by and say hi!


today’s menu

Grab you bags and bring your appetite down to Wallingford for some deliciousness.

This week we will have:

Moroccan Red Wheat Salad

Nash’s red wheat berries with produce from One Leaf (eggplant, cucumbers, fennel), parsley, and Liz’s amazing spiced tomato syrup

Peach Caprese

a NW take on an Italian favorite, Collins Family Orchard peaches with lemon basil and Samish Bay fresh mozzarella 

Potato Salad

Olsen’s red lasoda potatoes, tossed with carrots greens and a creamy roasted garlic dressing

Turmeric Potatoes and Cauliflower

Clara’s favorite bright yellow and delicious (not to mention nutritious) hand-stainer recipe : potatoes roasted with lots of turmeric and mustard seeds, finished with lime juice and tossed with caramelized cauliflower – let us stain our hands and countertops with this pungent spice and you just relax and reap the benefits

Kitchen Sink Salsa

Liz’s salsa making magic continues with this all-over-the-place amazing salsa of tomatillos, corn, and jalapeños from Alverez with pinto beans, ancho, pasilla, and (of course) lime

Plus something for the kids!!

KFH peanut butter

Fresh Made Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam Sandwiches!!!

So we’ll see you there…


Our booth – Knife for Hire Picnic Foods – at the Wallingford Farmers Market is off to a great start.

We always offer samples of our dishes:

KFH try some

And there are always smiling faces behind the aprons!

Liz and Me.

Menu for Wednesday July 30:

German Potato Salad

(Red Lasoda potatoes from Olsen Farms, tossed with carrot tops from Gaia’s beautiful carrots, and a cream dressing made from Alvarez garlic, dijon, and red and white wine vinegar)

Carrot Tabouleh

(organic bulgar was jazzed up with lightly steamed Gaia’s carrots, onions from Alvarez Farms, fresh parsley and lemon)

Tomatillo and Fava Bean Salsa

(tomatillos and garlic from Alvarez Farms was morphed into a fiery salsa with fava beans from One Leaf)

Green Beans and Braised Beet Tops

(we turned Alm Hill‘s purple beans green by quickly blanching them, then tossed them with braised Gaia’s beet tops, lemon, and charred leeks from One Leaf)

Fava Beans and Caramelized Leeks

(favas from Summer Run Farms, leeks from One Leaf, tossed with One Leaf cucumbers we marinated in sugar and salt, and topped all of it with apricots from Collins Family Orchard)

Our Green Salad

(always lovingly made with One Leaf greens mix and sungolds, with a creamy fava bean dressing)

Roasted Vegetables

(patty pan from Alvarez, zucchini from One Leaf, beets and carrots from Gaia’s – all roasted in coconut oil)

KFH menu 7-30

Can’t wait to see you all next week. And be sure to like our f/b or follow us on twitter!