Our booth – Knife for Hire Picnic Foods – at the Wallingford Farmers Market is off to a great start.

We always offer samples of our dishes:

KFH try some

And there are always smiling faces behind the aprons!

Liz and Me.

Menu for Wednesday July 30:

German Potato Salad

(Red Lasoda potatoes from Olsen Farms, tossed with carrot tops from Gaia’s beautiful carrots, and a cream dressing made from Alvarez garlic, dijon, and red and white wine vinegar)

Carrot Tabouleh

(organic bulgar was jazzed up with lightly steamed Gaia’s carrots, onions from Alvarez Farms, fresh parsley and lemon)

Tomatillo and Fava Bean Salsa

(tomatillos and garlic from Alvarez Farms was morphed into a fiery salsa with fava beans from One Leaf)

Green Beans and Braised Beet Tops

(we turned Alm Hill‘s purple beans green by quickly blanching them, then tossed them with braised Gaia’s beet tops, lemon, and charred leeks from One Leaf)

Fava Beans and Caramelized Leeks

(favas from Summer Run Farms, leeks from One Leaf, tossed with One Leaf cucumbers we marinated in sugar and salt, and topped all of it with apricots from Collins Family Orchard)

Our Green Salad

(always lovingly made with One Leaf greens mix and sungolds, with a creamy fava bean dressing)

Roasted Vegetables

(patty pan from Alvarez, zucchini from One Leaf, beets and carrots from Gaia’s – all roasted in coconut oil)

KFH menu 7-30

Can’t wait to see you all next week. And be sure to like our f/b or follow us on twitter!


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