low fat is destroying us.

Sorry for the dramatic title. Not sorry for this PSA.

Low fat, no fat, and skim is not good for anyone, ever. Fat never hurt anyone. Fat, especially animal fats – like those found in full fat dairy, butter, and lard, is essential to the bodies development and functioning. Your body uses the fat you consume to make and transport the extremely important hormones that tell your body how to work. Your brain, your muscles, and your mood are all controlled by these little hormones, without them moving freely you become tired, lethargic, and moody.

Low fat products are finally becoming a proven link to obesity – read about it here and here. And organic full fat dairy is getting even more praise, finding it has much more omega-3s than conventional dairy.

In low/no fat products, the flavor is supplemented by all kinds of nasty stuff (usually sugar) because FAT IS FLAVOR.

I will now get off of my soapbox. Thank you for listening.


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