a left turn.

I’m going to take a left turn and just start writing about whatever is on my mind. Trying to stick to a subject or being artistic is really just holding me back. Here for all in 2016.

Today’s current obsession is Harry Styles’ (of One Direction) tattoos. Ugh, they are terrible. And the funniest part about how terrible they are: they are coverups for even more terrible tattoos. Here is a sheet of his tattos from a website that sells temporary tattoos based off of celebrity tattoos.



As my boyfriend said, “you can’t buy taste.” 

Note to those without tattoos, or those who want to get tattoos — please research your artist. Make sure they have done quality work. Look at their portfolio. And don’t get a tattoo upon meeting them for the first time. Ask for a consultation, ask for a sketch. Last, but certainly not least, you get what you pay for.



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