VEEP, Lifetime, and other adventures in TV

Finally, for the first time in my life – I can publicly admit that I watch a lot of tv. I grew up without a tv. We were taught it would rot our brains. And, for the most part, I agree.

Though my dear friend Rebecca likes to remind me: “we live in the golden age of television.” At first I didn’t believe her, but by golly she’s right!

Exhibit 1: VEEP

This show is amazing. Quick recap, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the vice president of the US and the show centers around her and her staff. It’s super funny, crude, and totally feminist. But not in a gross preachy way. It’s an HBO show so the vocabulary of beyond. The VEEP kicks a ton of ass while still being hilarious and relatable. The one thing happily missing is the main character’s constant need for male approval.


Exhibit 2: The Good Wife and Scandal

Sorry, these two will forever be lumped together for me as female-centered poli-dramas. Stories about ladies doing it their way, grabbing power, leaving men in their dust. Great writing, compelling story lines, and plenty of red wine.

Exhibit 3: Black-ish

Finally, the return of the well done black-centered sitcom! Been missing since the 90s (you know, back in the “golden age of black television”). This show is hilarious but also tackles hard and complicated social/racial problems. I mean, they aren’t saving the world – but they aren’t afraid of focusing on the black experience in a white world with all its flaws and pitfalls.

BUT….television can still rot your brain.

Exhibit A: Lifetime

Every single show (except Project Runway and Unreal) is a travesty. An exercise in appealing to the lowest-common-denominator. Just cheaply made, inexpertly crafted, sacks of clickbait.

Exhibit B: 95% of everything else made

I mean, really. There’s lots of crap out there.