Toxic Masculinity and our current state of affairs.

Does it go without being said that the Orlando shooting was not about Islam, the Koran, or Sharia Law – but about deep-seated homophobia rooted in toxic masculinity?

At least that was my read.

“Toxic masculinity” ran over and over in my head. Holding men to an impossible standard of emotional control, which is dangerous for them and everyone else. The fear of being weak. The fear of loving another man. The fear of having any feelings at all.

Then I bumped into this podcast – it’s an episode of Invisibilia – and tells the story of the growing size, and danger, of deepwater oil rigs. This story is not about safety measures or safety plans on the bigger rigs, but about how learning to be vulnerable, and in turn how to communicate, can be the best safety measure of all.

It’s not a surprise the majority of employees of deepwater oil rigs are men. The culture of these rigs can be highly masculine, with the presiding feeling of “don’t ask questions, don’t show weakness.” This results in many accidents and deaths.

Enter a little French lady who changed it all.

This episode really hit at the heart of “toxic masculinity” and how, if you can melt these rigid expectations, the world would be a safer and more lovely place.

Oh, and we can’t forget gun control:


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