Coffee and repose.

This is a post I started like six months ago. Thought it shouldn’t go to waste, though it is not much.


The mixologist and I went to place I found on a blog called something like “Hipster Food Photos” – seriously, who names their blog that.

IMG_2318The place as fantastic. The food was great. There was real art on the walls. It was pretty hipster. It’s the Arabic Lounge on Capitol Hill.



a little coffee. a little encouragement

i drove around Ballard for about a half hour running errands – until my headache over took my ability to drive. so i stopped into this lovely little tiny coffee shop:


the lovely lady behind the counter struck up a conversation by asking my why i needed to be so¬†caffeinated¬†– my response was simply, “i have a horrible headache.”

we started chatting about what i was up to – why i moved here – what my boyfriend was doing – what i left behind. she was utterly encouraging – saying “your boyfriend is working at one of the best restaurants in the city” and “if you want a job, i’m sure the owner would love you” and “whatever you do in Seattle, i’m sure you will be successful.”

i don’t know if she was crazy, or wanted a big tip – but i will accept any little bit of positive feedback. that headache was getting me down.