some nature for your soul.

One thing I really love about Seattle is the amazing amount of nature. Trees and parks everywhere! Lakes and grass and ocean and ducks and moss. Over the last week I went to two beautiful places: Richmond Beach and Discovery Park.

Richmond Beach

IMG_2154 IMG_2159

This place was pretty desolate in February, full of dead fish and driftwood. But it was still beautiful. The train was a wonderful added bonus. It was a nice walk from the car – like 100 steps or something like that.

Discovery Park








This place is huge and interesting and easy to get lost in. Happily lost in. We took some trails that weren’t really trails. Got covered in mud, slid down a sand dune, climbed on drift wood, and woke up the next day sore as heck. Oh, and there was tons of laughing. And, well, discovering.

I really can’t wait to see this park in the spring and summer. It is truly a gem.