out of my mind.

Most of my life is filled with cooking, recipes, food, food writing, food reading, food politics, menu planning, thinking about food and cooking – but everyonceinawhile you get a little hiatus from your world and remember you are actually a fully dimensional person with a dynamic brain and multi-faceted interests.

A few nights ago the mixologist and I took in a lovely double feature:

We saw “John Dies at the End” at the Varsity Theater.   It is an entertaining piece of weird that I absolutely loved. Kinda gets you out of your head a little bit. And the Theater was on the third floor and super small, I love a small theater.

Then we went down the street to The Grand Illusion Theater – oh my, I thought the Varsity was small. This was a tiny room, I mean tiny with a tiny screen. I would think it was the definition of an art house theater. We, along about 25 old rock dudes and young art types, watched a wonderful documentary about Ginger Baker.  I love when documentaries seem to take the filmmaker by surprise, like they went in to make something and came out with a completely different story. This film quickly follows the arc of Ginger’s fast and furious career with Cream in about the first 15 minutes – leaving the rest of the time to follow his various stumbling blocks around relationships and other musical projects. It really was a fascinating story. And I liked how the end didn’t make me all sad for the old guy.


a little culture.

went to the ballet last night.

it was more modern than classical – and the Mixologist’s first time. So he donned a suit and I put on high heels and we traipsed down to the Seattle Center to watch my amazing cousin do his thing.

my cousin dances for the Grand Rapids Ballet – but was flown in (with his partner) to do a piece with Whim W’him.



they were gorgeous and spirited dancers. the music was lovely, the choreography was interesting, the piece was breathtaking. and i can’t tell you how impressive it is to see someone you grew up with working so professionally – i am beaming with pride.

this piece was also performed – it was beautifully powerful.