my book

Shop Like A Chef: A Food Lover’s Guide to St. Louis Neighborhoods is a grocery store guide to the St. Louis Metro Area, full of store reviews, cooking tips, and recipes.


We started with a simple idea: Tell home cooks where to go to get the ingredients and equipment they need or want. But then they layer inspiration onto the bounty of information, nudging you outside of your normal food gathering habits to explore the rich market culture of the St. Louis region—to make grocery shopping exciting again, to make the unfamiliar more accessible, and to get you into the kitchen and cooking with new zest.

The official publisher website includes reviews of the book and places to buy it!

My author blog includes supplemental tips and info to the recipes in the book.  As well as upcoming events, photos, and information.

For help with some of the more complicated recipes, I have put together a few instructional videos for techniques used in recipes.

You can buy a personalized, signed copy of Shop Like A Chef, along with SLAC swag on my Etsy page!!! You will also find some of my handmade food products and fun vintage booty there, too.




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