things about town.

Some things I did in Seattle over the past month or so:



made some lovely pork dumplings as a practice for this spot on STL Channel 2’s morning show.


did a demo at this amazing store in Tacoma – called Tacoma Boys. so much produce!


where I got this weird drink that actually turned out to be so good that I find myself searching for it at stores.

bastille happy

and I went to Bastille for some delicious food.

the end.



A cheese class.

I’m back!!

Now is the time I catch up on all the things you missed. First of all:

I helped with a cheese class at The Pantry a couple of months ago. It was fun and extremely interesting. I was at the second day of a two day class – so I got to try the finished products (lucky me!!).


This is some lovely soft ripened goat cheese that, the day before, filled the entire container – overnight the water drained out and it came together into this creamy looking disk. We also worked on butter! Oh how I love fresh butter.

I purchased a cheese making book – so here’s to hoping that you will see some blog posts soon about cheese and butter I have made.


ballard bbq

Went to Bitterroot in Ballard last week. It has a great name, a good menu, and a beautiful interior. We ate a lot of things off the menu.



Cornbread, hush puppies, fries, pulled pork, nachos, ginger beer, mac n cheese.

All in all, it was good. But I would describe it as “white folks bbq.”

What does that mean, you ask. Well, it’s hard to describe – and it’s not really racially motivated – more like it’s cultural. The flavors were…subtle. Or you could call it lacking. I am used to bbq sort of hitting me over the head – or at least hitting me in the taste buds. Maybe I am biased, maybe I am a snob, but this is no Midwest BBQ.

I’m sure the lardoons (…um, it was bacon) in the mac n cheese were locally sourced and the corn chips in the nachos were organic,  but it left me super homesick.

Food Breakdown:

fries = perfect

hush puppies = overcooked and boring

pulled pork = underspiced and dry, bun was great

nachos = good

cornbread = interesting and good, honey butter was great

mac n cheese = lacking in flavor, but ingredients and texture were great

house made ginger beer = amazing, light and not sweet

sauce = good, needed a bit more umph

a little coffee. a little encouragement

i drove around Ballard for about a half hour running errands – until my headache over took my ability to drive. so i stopped into this lovely little tiny coffee shop:


the lovely lady behind the counter struck up a conversation by asking my why i needed to be so caffeinated – my response was simply, “i have a horrible headache.”

we started chatting about what i was up to – why i moved here – what my boyfriend was doing – what i left behind. she was utterly encouraging – saying “your boyfriend is working at one of the best restaurants in the city” and “if you want a job, i’m sure the owner would love you” and “whatever you do in Seattle, i’m sure you will be successful.”

i don’t know if she was crazy, or wanted a big tip – but i will accept any little bit of positive feedback. that headache was getting me down.