progressive dinner. south city style.

i’ve been living in South City St. Louis for the past 6 years – it’s an international and diverse place to be. i will surely miss it.

but last night, the Mayor of Food Town took me and the Mixologist on a tour of South Seattle. it is also diverse and wonderfully full of tiny hole-in-the-wall gems.

we started at Catfish Corner – it’s exactly what it sounds like – on the corner, small, friendly, and bursting at the seams with golden fried goodness. some of the best catfish and hushpuppies i have ever had. who knew Seattle had soul?

then we went next door for the proclaimed “Best Ethiopian in Seattle” – Assimba.



the injera was wonderful, the honey wine was weird and interesting, and the vegetarian lentils and greens were missing something (a bit of flavor, i would say).


then we drove across town and stopped into a little bar and grill called, Rose Petals.