one million things.

I have about a million things to tell you about – but luckily for me, I have been so dang busy that I haven’t been able to post.

A blessing and a curse I suppose.

Here are somethings that I will post about in the very very near future:

-my last trip home, to STL, I taught a bunch of fun classes

-having a great time testing my recipes for my upcoming Cajun Class at The Pantry

-been cooking in some amazingly scenic kitchens

-working very hard on getting my brand new market booth together, so it can start on July 23rd!


Stay tuned….



A cheese class.

I’m back!!

Now is the time I catch up on all the things you missed. First of all:

I helped with a cheese class at The Pantry a couple of months ago. It was fun and extremely interesting. I was at the second day of a two day class – so I got to try the finished products (lucky me!!).


This is some lovely soft ripened goat cheese that, the day before, filled the entire container – overnight the water drained out and it came together into this creamy looking disk. We also worked on butter! Oh how I love fresh butter.

I purchased a cheese making book – so here’s to hoping that you will see some blog posts soon about cheese and butter I have made.