korean lunch with japanese dessert

I asked the Mayor of Foodtown where the best Korean is in Seattle, and his response – “In your backyard.”

So about one block from our house the mixologist and I found:



affectionately called by us “the friendly pig and calamari”

I very stupidly forgot to take a picture of our table, but it was an amazing crazy mess of tons of kimchee and condiments and pickles and ribs and soups and and and………It. Was. Amazing.

Then we went to a Japanese dollar store and bought Mango Marshmallows.




They are cute….


…and full of mango jelly.


indian (dot not feather).

The mixologist and I shared a lovely dinner at Roti in Queen Anne a few nights ago. The food was good. Above standard Indian fare. It had a big menu and interesting choices. The naan was excellent, the green chutney was extremely enjoyable, and the service was nice. They claim to “grind fresh spices everyday” – and I would have to say that it did seem that way. All the flavors were fresh.

By far my favorite part of the place was the decor. There where a number of paintings, wood carvings, wall coverings, and chubby deities.



accidental caribbean.







On my way to the Book Larder – to check it out – I stopped across the street into a tiny little place with very little signage.

We had no idea what we were getting into. We stepped into Paseo. The menu was just a simple board with sandwiches, rice dishes, and entrees. All of it looked delicious. We were actually on our way to eat somewhere else, so we settled on one dish between us.

The winner was Fish in Red Sauce. Came over rice with a side of beans and a big salad of lettuce, thinly sliced cabbage, and cilantro. I thought the sauce was a bit sweet for my tastes – but everything was kind of exceptional.

My favorite part was how there were about 4 tiny tables and about 15 hungry people trying to negotiate the tiny space – I am partial to a small dining area – and I love when people like the food so much that they will crowd in the corner for a taste of it.

first day on the job. with no job.

dropped into Seattle last night after a long plane ride of puking children and bad movies, only to enjoy one champagne cocktail before retiring to a dead sleep.

but, alas, my first day in jet city proved out some of the best food i’ve had in a while:

taco bus


the taco bus (Taqueria El Carreta) at 150th and Aurora. this little piece of heaven is a mostly hollowed out school bus (the drivers seat and controls remain), outfitted with a little kitchen and counter in the back half and basic wooden  bar stools and a metal eat tops in the front. the distractingly hilarious and loud TV keeps you from having to make too much lunch time chat with your date.

taco bus 2

minutes after arriving for my “ride” on the bus, our food came out and i dove into my sopita and mulita – both with the most savory and salty carnitas i have ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth. i also enjoyed salsa roja, pickled jalapenos, and sliced radishes – all while staring out the same old metal windows i dramatically stared out of during my middle school years.

i think this might be starting out on just the right foot.