Podcasts I’m into lately:

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A show about technology, framed in good stories. By Gimlet Media (players from This American Life and RadioLab and other such good shows) so it is quality entertainment mixed with a bit of education. Thought provoking but not ground breaking.


Call Your Girlfriend

“A podcast for long distance besties everywhere” — pretty much made by and for my generation of ladies. At first I was obsessed and inspired even. These ladies have great jobs, full lives of traveling and interest, lots of cool shit to say about gender, race, misogyny, pop culture, and my personal fave: Shine Theory. But after consuming about 20 episodes I started to feel a little bit outside. I don’t think it’s their fault, but I don’t jet off to somewhere interesting once or twice a month — I can’t afford a mattress that’s the most expensive thing a silicon valley tech employee owns — I was once inspired, but now IĀ feel distant. I feel like I will never have the “things” they have, the things they keep telling me about. At first I felt like they where my cool, successful girlfriends down for a chat about ANYTHING — then I began to feel like they were having these conversations without me. Like they had closed off the circle and were sitting at the cool kids table and I was glancing over from the poor kids table.

I haven’t stop listening, but I have stopped buying into their charmed lives.



Just general stories about crime. Interesting, short pieces about things that have happened around criminal activities — and not just interviews with ex-cons. Based out of North Carolina, so their stories central around the lower Atlantic seaboard.


Another Round

Brought to you by BuzzFeed, a chat and interview podcast by two young ladies of color. They have great guests, don’t shy away from tough race conversations, and are pretty funny, too.


Friends Like Us

Basically long conversations with a room full of comics. They are long, winding conversations about tons of different (and mostly relevant) topics. It’s a nice way to pass the time when I am alone at work. And, duh, it’s funny.



A more serious podcast about the intersection of race, gender, sexuality, and all other kinds of ways people identify. I’m into it.



Great storytelling about creepy shit. I try not to listen when I am alone at work.


The Serial Rabbit Hole

After an obsession with Serial and all things Serial I found Undisclosed and Truth & Justice (used to be The Serial Dynasty), both take deep dives into Adnan’s case. Investigating minutiae, following leads the investigators didn’t, dissecting the trials. Mostly they dug up more questions and shone a big ole spotlight on the truly terribleness of the original police investigation and following prosecution by the state.

Both podcasts are now on to different wrongful conviction cases.